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it's all about me, ok....


Ok you primitive screwheads, listen up! THIS is my BOOMSTICK!!! *wink* so i did have a picture here of bruce campbell, the man i WISH i looked like. but i don't really look like him, so here is a picture of what i kind of really look like. except now my hair is longer cuz this was taken in may. and it is now june. this was taken outside the tech museum in san jose, california by my mom. yay. *wink* My name is Daryn Draven. I've been making websites since October 1996. My first fansite was for the movie Ladyhawke. My next attempt was the first ever John Malkovich fansite. These and others are now ancient history, of course, but the legacy remains.

I first saw Chris Cooper in American Beauty. I saw the film twice in the theater, but was so overwhelmed by the whole thing, that I don't think Chris stuck out to me more particularly than any other actors. However, when he started to pop up in other stuff, like The Patriot and October Sky, I decided that I had better check this guy out more thoroughly. I rented Matewan and Lone Star and DUDE, I *cannot* get enough! So I started scouring the web for sites. And what I came up with was encouraging but not what I was hoping for. Two of the three other prominent Chris Cooper sites are in disrepair or haven't been updated since The Horse Whisperer. Then there's the Tribute page which is the best there is! But I wanted to... yeah. I'm... not modest. I wanted my own special touch put out there. and so I went to. Stealing all the shit I could from all the current resources. Sad, sad, I shouldn't do that. Well, that's the way balls go.


I am on a mission to see all of the films that I have ever wanted to or felt the need to see. You can read about it here if you feel so inclined. after seeing october sky i felt compelled to seek out more of chris's work and being that my video store up north has a wide selection, i was quite pleased. but when i'm in southern california, or low cal if you will, it is a bit more difficult to come by much of chris' work. ah well. such is life. So now, it's all about me...


I currently have about two to four other relatively active sites. The most popular being my site for Philip Seymour Hoffman and the next being part of the gargantuan Whose Line is it Anyway? online community. I'm a huge fan of the show, been to three tapings of the ABC version, the first taping of Wayne Brady's new show, Greg Proops' standup show, and having received autographs from the Proopdog, Wayne, and Ryan Stiles. I'm going to Whoser Con 2001 this year, and hope to go to at least four tapings this year! woo!

I go to university in Northern California. I hail from Southern California. I was born in California. But I did live on the East Coast for a few years, in Georgia if that counts. *wink* Yeah. I'm majoring in Film and Digital Media, yo, and am ruminating on the possibility of Grad School at UCLA, and then working through the TV culture of LA to somehow one day own a network station like in 'Network' and change the world. But this is just a website. And you can read more about me if you just click here, yo.


chris cooper stuff that i have seen:

*** american beauty
*** the patriot
*** october sky
*** lone star
*** matewan
*** lonesome dove
*** thousand pieces of gold
*** a time to kill




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pictures, articles, and other info throughout this site have been taken from various sources, including: a touch of texas, a tribute, and admiration society. thank you.