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seen enough this time around? here are some links to other sites on chris, pertaining to him and his various professional endevours. i hope that you'll come back and visit sometime soon! reccommend this site to your friends! know about a chris site that i don't link to? let me know!!!


* Chris Cooper: A Tribute
* Chris Cooper Admiration Society
* A Touch of Texas - Chris Cooper
* Chris Cooper at the Internet Movie Database
* Your Know, That Guy with Chris Cooper
* Chris Cooper Page
* Chris Cooper at
* Chris Cooper Monthly TV Schedule
* Box Office Data for Chris Cooper
* Chris Cooper - Biography
* Chris Cooper at
* Chris Cooper Google Directory
* The Patriot Resource: Chris Cooper
* American Beauty: Chris Cooper

* adaptation
* Adaptation
* Adaptation Script Review
* Interstate 60
* The Bourne Identity at
* The Patriot
* The Horse Whisperer Webhome
* The Horse Whisperer
* Great Expectations - News, Images, & Links
* Lone Star

* Wes World: Wes Bentley
* Sam Neill Images - The Horse Whisperer
* Anthony Green Voice Overs
* Who is that? Bob Gunton
* Who is that? David Straithaim
* Jeremy Sumpter Official Page




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