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Name: Christopher W. Cooper
Date of Birth: July 9, 1951
Current Age: 49
Spouse: Marianne Leone
Children: Jesse
Fan Mail Address:

    Chris Cooper
    c/o pmk
    955 S. Carrillo Dr #300
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
    On March 12, 2000, Mr. Cooper won a Screen Actors' Guild Award for his part in the cast of American Beauty.

    On February 1, 2000, Mr. Cooper was nominated for Best Supporting Actor by the Screen Actors Guild and also as a member of the American Beauty cast which was nominated for Outstanding Performance of a Cast in a Motion Picture.

    In 1998, Mr. Cooper was honored at the Kansas City FilmFest.

    In 1997, Mr. Cooper was honored with a Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Missouri.

    In 1997, Mr. Cooper was nominated for Best Actor for an Independent Spirit Award for Lone Star.

    In 1991, Mr. Cooper won a Best Actor award from the Cowboy Hall of fame for his work in Thousand Pieces of Gold.

Christopher W. Cooper was born in Kansas City, Missouri July 9, 1951. He served in the United States Coast Guard Reserves before graduating from the University of Missouri. Mr. Cooper made his Broadway debut in 1983. His first film was Matewan in 1987. He is married to screenwriter Marianne Leone. They have appeared in two films together: City of Hope and The 24 Hour Woman. Mr. Cooper, Ms. Leone and their son Jesse live in the northeast.

Chris Cooper recently stunned critics and audiences with his mesmerizing portrayal of a conflicted, autocratic ex-Marine in Sam Mendes' "American Beauty," opposite Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning. In 1999, he also starred as the father of an amateur rocket enthusiast in the acclaimed coming-of-age drama "October Sky." He previously earned kudos as well as a Best Actor nomination from the 1997 Independent Spirit Awards for his work in John Sayles' "Lone Star." Nearly a decade earlier, he made his film debut in Sayles' "Matewan.' He stars in the forthcoming film from the Farrelly brothers' "Me, Myself and Irene," opposite Jim Carrey. His previous movies include Robert Redford's "The Horse Whisperer," "Great Expectations," "A Time To Kill," "Money Train," "This Boy's Life," "Guilty By Suspicion" and "City of Hope."

Chris Cooper made his Broadway debut in 1983 in Of The Fields, Lately. His most recent theatre performance was in Love Letters in 1990. He has appeared in numerous regional professional theatre productions as well as college productions



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